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Straumann Angled solution abutment with no CAD/CAM

I had a case few weeks ago from Dr. McCracken. He wanted to do screw retained Ti based Zirconia crown but their stock abutment's height was not tall enough to have a good retention. So We decide to use old way... Gold abutment onto their variobase angled solution stock abutment.!

Variobase RC Angled solution abutment

They do have burnout copings.. How nice!

Variobase AS abutment has short 3.5 mm height

Assembled those 3 parts make a nice angled profile

Waxed up on top of it

casted and metal finished

lingual view

Zirconia crowns with cutback for porcelain application

final clinical picture will be coming soon. Pt was very happy and shade was very natural.